Thursday, November 6, 2008

Draft 1.0

So, the Bengals are on a bye this week and not a moment too soon. This team is 1-8 and in desperate need to regroup and figure out how to keep the momentum of that one win going into the second half of the season.

Since the Bengals do not play this week I will do what I LOVE to do, and play GM (general manager). I am guessing that I will end up putting out about three different blogs about the NFL Draft that is in April; one now, one right after the season and one right before the draft.

Why now, you may ask? Well, the team is 1-8, the team is on a bye, and it is never too early to start thinking about what your team should be drafting when you are almost guaranteed a top 5 pick.

So, without further delay, here is, by round, what the Bengals should be looking at. I say should, because as I have stated before, Mike and company does not always draft for need, hell they rarely do, it is all about want.

Round 1.

  1. Andre Smith, OT Alabama

  2. Michael Oher, OT Ole Miss

  3. Eugene Monroe, OT Virgina

  4. Rey Maualuga, LB USC

  5. Michael Johnson, DT/DE Georgia Tech

  6. Sen'Derrick Marks, DT Auburn

  7. James Laurinaitis, LB OSU

  8. George Selvie, DE USF

There are 8 legitimate needs that the Bengals should be looking at. Levi and Stacey have been a mess at the tackle positions this year. They will not be able to sign Stacey long term and Levi looks like he is on roller skates ever since he hurt his knee. I know the Bengals are high on Anthony Collins, the tackle from Kansas they drafted last year, but it is time to invest in another Willie Anderson/Anthony Munoz type a high caliber tackle that can protect Carson's blind side for the next ten years. So, yeah a tackle is what I would really love to see the Bengals draft. If somehow they fall out of the top 5 and the tackles are all gone, or if the Bengals do what they always do and draft the best available player despite what they NEED, then I have those listed as backups. Anything other than the players I listed for the first round and I will go into a fit of rage that would make the Incredible Hulk look relaxed.

Round 2.

  1. Jonathan Luigs, C Arkansas

  2. Antonie Caldwell, C Alabama

  3. Vince Oghobasse, DT Duke

  4. Vance Walker, DT Georgia Tech

  5. CJ Spiller, RB Clemson

  6. James Davis, RB Clemson

Wow, I am really concentrating on that offensive line aren't I? And why not? This group has been horrible all year, they let Palmer get a broken nose and an undisclosed elbow injury, on top of that Ryan Fitzpatrick is running for his life constantly. Besides that, Eric Ghuicuc has never seemed to be able to step up and fill the void left by Richie Brahm at center. plus I have taken into consideration how the Bengals love to draft guys from the same school in the same draft; i.e. TJ and Chad, Eric and Adam, Odell and David, with a tackle and a center from Alabama. If the centers are not there I would like to see them grab a defensive tackle. We really need to improve in the trenches and even though I like what I see from Pat Sims and Pecko, it has been a short time and inconsistent. Plus I do not think that the Bengals are looking to re-sign John Thorton, which would make Pecko the senior member on that line. But, knowing the Bengals they will pass up both of these needs and go for the shiny toy in a running back. Perry I think is officially done and god only knows if they will be able to or will want to sign Benson again. That would leave the cupboard pretty bare and I would love to see a shifty speed back like Spiller in here.

Round 3.

  1. Al Woods, DT Georgia Tech

  2. Peria Jerry, DT LSU

  3. Daniel Holtzclaw, LB Eastern Michigan

  4. Cody Brown, LB UConn

  5. Devin Moore, RB Wyoming

  6. Trevard Lindly, CB Kentucky

  7. Kevin Barnes, CB Maryland

  8. Trevor Canfield, G Cincinnati

  9. Domonique Johnson, CB Jackson State

  10. Derrick Williams, WR Penn St.

By this point I am of course hoping that the Bengals have taken care of their offensive line needs. Hoping being the key word there. I was thinking what are some other holes the Bengals have after offensive/defensive line and I thought about corner. They let Deltha O'Neal go and I was perfectly OK with, but David Jones is not the answer and we need help there, maybe someone that can help with the return game as well? Also can you ever have enough line backers? Love Rivers, but the rest of the group could start to get upgraded. Dahni is smart and a great guy, but someone younger and faster and meaner might be nice.

Round 4.

  1. Marlon Favorite, DT LSU

  2. Worrell Williams, LB Cal

  3. Jasper Brinkley, LB South Carolina

  4. Bruce Johnson, CB Miami

  5. Curtis Taylor, S LSU

  6. Brandon Gibson, WR Washington State

More defense and a wide receiver for fun. I think that I have overloaded on defense for this draft because of how bad that Bengals defense really is. I think that after the fourth round I can see them concentrating more on wide receiver help, and offensive line help. Of course wide receiver help gets a bump in priority if they are truly insane and do not make a deal for TJ, like I know they won't.

The rest of the draft is tough to tell without seeing more football and seeing how the season ends. I can say that the Bengals had better shop for a punter in the later rounds and maybe look at some return guys, be them receivers or corners. Defensive end is another position I would like them to experiment with in the later rounds. I would love one early, but with two young guys that you are paying top dollar to in Robert Gathers and Antwan Odom, I don't think it would be wise to go out and spend a ton of money on yet another defensive end. Possible find a diamond in the rough in the later rounds, find a true pass rusher, a guy that can just light up a quarterback!

So here is Draft 1.0, hope you all enjoy and please do your research and get back to me on ideas or comments. I love looking at this stuff!

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