Monday, April 27, 2009

Movie Bad Ass Champion

Uncontested our winner of the 2009 Movie Bad Ass Championship is Bruce Willis. Much Like North Carolina this year in the NCAA tournament Bruce never really hit a road bump on his way to winning it all. His toughest match came in the Sweet Sixteen against Denzel Washington, every other match he cruised through, including the championship game.

What is it about Bruce Willis that makes him the winner? Is it the normal guy toughness that Bruce seems to display in Die Hard? Is it the cold hard killer in the Whole Nine Yards? Is it the a-hole tough guy we all wish we could be from the Last Boyscout? Either way it is clear that Bruce Willis is a tough S.O.B. and this years winner.

He sure is.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Movie Bad Ass Championship.

Her it is, the moment of truth. The final two titans prepared to do battle to the death, or until a clear winner emerges. It has been a long tough road for both of these "gentlemen," but worth it for the title of best movie bad ass! The matchup is:
  • #1 Bruce Willis VS. #1 Sylvester Stallone
Bruce is coming of his easiest victory yet, he took 100% of the vote against Harrison Ford. Apparently Harrison took a page out of John Lennon's book and just married the wrong girl. Yoko broke up the Beatles and Calista Flockhart ruined Harrison's chances here. I mean how can a bad ass marry that?

The Italian Stallion, on the other hand just came of his toughest victory. He was only able to get by the Duke with one vote. He is lucky that he uses automatic weapons, roids help too.

So it has come down to two bad ass dudes, but they are bad asses for different reasons. So who will win? Who will come out of this alive? Vote now and find out!

Bruce Willis

Sylvester Stallone

I found this little gem, is it a sign of things to come?

Only YOU can decide! Vote now, as always you can reply here or you can email me at:

Thank you and enjoy!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Movie Bad Asses Final Four

The Final Four is upon us and there are few surprises. John Wayne as a number four seed has "snuck" in and Clint Eastwood fell to Harrison Ford in the last round. So, it has come down to four ass kicking legends and it will be up to YOU to see who will battle in the championship match.

  • #1 Bruce Willis vs #3 Harrison Ford. Hope this one doesn't come down to sidekicks. Bruce has a kid that sees dead people, Milla Jovavich, and Damon Waynes. Harrison Ford has a wookie.
  • #1 Sylvester Stallone vs #4 John Wayne. It is like Hank Aaron vs Barry Bonds, bot can mash, both will be in the hall of fame, but one you are a bit suspicious of. John is as old school as it gets, he is like my father, no matter how old he gets you know he could easily kick your ass. Stallone single-handedly kicked Communism's ass. Of course he does have Judge Dread and Rocky IV to his credit too.
Bruce Willis

#3 Harrison Ford

#1 Sylvester Stallone

#4 John Wayne

Make your choices, so that we can see who the two final titans will be. As always you can vote here by posting a response, or you can email me at:

Enjoy and be on the look out on about Thursday for the championship matchup!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Movie Bad Ass Elite 8

The Elite 8 is finally upon us and there was only one real surprise. Brad Pitt as a 6 seed sneaks in. Was it his performance in Fight Club? Were people scared because of his role in 12 Monkeys? Either way he is in and has a tough draw against Bruce Willis.

I love the variety we have. Old school like Clint and John Wayne, bruisers like Stallone and the Governator, legends like Willis, Ford and Jackson. So lets look at the match-ups we have.

  • #1 Bruce Willis vs #6 Brad Pitt. Can "Pretty Boy" Bangalina muster up the strength to take down a legend like John McLane?
  • #1 Clint Eastwood vs #3 Harrison Ford. A classic showdown. It will be a duel outside the Mos Eisley Cantina at high noon, if that is even possible with two suns.
  • #1 Sylvester Stallone vs #2 Arnold Schwarzenegger. Its a classic slobber knocker and who knows which roided out freak will come out on top? Stallone took down communism, Arnold took down an alien, it really could go either way.
  • #2 Samuel Jackson vs #4 John Wayne. John was the first to take down a #1 seed, can he bring the upset again? If anyone can do it, it will be John. Sam can not show hesitation like he did against the Emperor or the result will be the same, he will be tossed thousands of feet out a window.
Bruce Willis

Brad Pitt

Clint Eastwood

Harrison Ford,0.jpg

Sly Stallone

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Samuel Jackson

John Wayne

There is the complete Elite 8 field. Let the voting begin, do it early and often and be on the look out for the final four on Monday or Tuesday! As always you can vote here by leaving a reply, or you can email me at:

Thank you and enjoy!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Movie Bad Asses Sweet 16 Part 2

Here we are at part 2, to decide who moves on to the Elite 8. But first, of course, we will recap what happened with the first 4 matchups.
  • In the closest vote so far, Bruce Willis wins by one and proves that even a "man on fire" is no match for John McLane.
  • Achilles takes down Rob Roy pretty easily.
  • Bruce Lee show up to a gun fight with a sword, Dirty Harry wins easy.
  • Bond proves to be no better of a shot than Greedo, Han Solo wins.
So, half the field is set for the Elite 8 of bad assness, let decide the other half!

Sylvester Stallone

Chuck Norris

Vin Diesel

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Robert De Niro

John Wayne

Samuel Jackson

Al Pacino

So there it is, the second half of the Sweet 16. Now vote early and often and round out the Elite 8!
As always vote here by responding, or email me at:

Thank you, and enjoy!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Movie Bad Asses Sweet 16 Part 1

The Sweet 16 is finally here, so lets review the matchups.
  • #1 Bruce Willis vs #5 Denzel Washington
  • #6 Brad Pitt vs #10 Liam Neeson
  • #1 Clint Eastwood vs #4 Bruce Lee
  • #3 Harrison Ford vs #10 Sean Connery
  • #1 Sly Stallone vs #4 Chuck Norris
  • #6 Vin Diesel vs #2 Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • #1 Robert De Niro vs #4 John Wayne
  • #3 Al Pacino vs #2 Samuel Jackson
All the number 1's are still alive and two 10 seeds have squeaked in, and now it is time to get down to business. Let the voting begin to see who advances to the elite 8!

Bruce Willis

Denzel Washington

Brad Pitt

Liam Neeson

Clint Eastwood

Bruce Lee

Harrison Ford

Sean Connery

So there is the first grouping to vote for, the next grouping will be up on Monday to decide the elite 8! As always vote here by replying or email me at:

Enjoy everyone!

Another Crimianl to the Bengals?

So, Tank Johnson is a Bengal? My initial reaction was the same as an other Bengal fan I am sure, seriously another criminal? Mike Brown just can't help himself, he has to go out and find that troubled, talented player and smooth the edges until he is a polished diamond that everyone will envy.

And how has that turned out for him so far? Odell Thurman; kept it together for one year and then ran a gamut of drunk driving and assault charges until finally Marvin got fed up and threw his crap out of the locker room. After one suspension and failure to comply with the NFL's drug policy Odell is currently no longer playing in the NFL. Chris Henry; failure from the start. He has served two different suspensions, been cut from the team and brought back, And has been linked, accused and found guilty of a myriad of issues from sex charges, to assault, to drugs. Chris Henry is back on the Bengals currently and to his credit has stayed out of trouble for a year, but you have to wonder at this point when the other shoe will drop. And those are the biggest two, don't forget that Eric Steinbach (Browns), Jonathan Joseph (Bengals), Deltha O'Neal (Patriots), Frostee Rucker (Bengals), A.J. Nicholson (No where), Mattias Askew (Denver Broncos), and Reggie McNeal (Toronto Argonauts) also were involved in incidents when with the Bengals.

So, I ask you, how am I and the rest of Bengal nation supposed to react when the Bengals bring in yet another guy with a rap sheet? I mean it actually turned my stomach and made me almost scream out. I wanted to drive down to Paul Brown Stadium and demand to talk to Mike Brown. After breathing into a paper bag for an hour and over dosing on some Prozac I did some research.

As it turns out, Tank Johnson might not be that bad of a guy. After reading up he has not been in trouble since 2007 and that was for speeding. He was going 40mph in a 20, who hasn't done that? I know I do. So, really all his issues are from 2006. And of those problems it was all because he had a gun in his car and Illinois does not have a conceal carry licence. Plus most of his altercations happened at nightclubs, and Cincinnati shuts down at 6:00 PM so he should be fine here!

He played all year last year for Dallas and was marginally productive in their 3-4 defense and is expected to be a better fit for a 4-3 like the Bengals have. After reading the facts I think this is a good move. The Bengals get a guy that is 27 and has a knack for getting to the quarterback. This will cause teams to double team him and take some pressure off Gathers and Odem. For a defense that was ranked 12th last year and could NOT get to the quarterback, just imagine what adding a 27 year old who has a history of getting to the quarterback can do? by the way Keith Rivers will be back from a broken jaw this year too!

The best part is that with a rotation of Pecko, Simms, and Johnson there is no drop off of talent, and Johnson is not coming in off the streets like Dahani Jones and Chris Crocker had to! he will be in for camp and will get to mesh and learn where he is supposed to be. Kudos to the Bengals to "rolling the dice." Even though I really feel that a guy that has not been in serious trouble since 2006 and it was for gun possession, not like he was firing it at anyone, like say Chris Henry, is not much of a risk. If this guy has 40 tackles and 3+ sacks and no legal issues then I would consider it a HUGE success and the Bengals could really use a home run here with as many called strike threes they have had!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Movie Bad Ass Round 2 Region 4

The final region for round two is upon us. Time to vote to see who gets in to the sweet 16! But first, we of course will review what happened last region.
  • Sylvester Stallone went Judge Dread on Hugh Jackman and showed him that he truly is the law.
  • Chuck Norris uses his beard fist to clean Jean-Claude's clock. Chuck is growing concerned that he won't have to break a sweat to win this tournament.
  • Vin Diesel turns Sir Anthony into roadkill, which incidentally Hannibal would have eaten as a side dish to his brain pudding.
  • I would say it was a classic case of David vs. Goliath when the governator took on the Hulk, but I think they are the same size. In any case, Conan moves on.
No upsets that round, all the higher seeds moved on. Now lets see what we have left for the final region.

#1 Robert De Niro

#9 Jason Statham

#4 John Wayne

#12 Viggo Mortensen

#6 Christian Bale

#3 Al Pacino

#2 Samuel Jackson

#7 R. Lee Ermey

There it is, region 4 in all it glory. Now it is time for YOU to decides the final 4 spots for the sweet 16, make it count! As always vote here by replying or simply email me at:

Thanks again and enjoy!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Movie Bad Asses Round 2 Region 3.

Recap of region 2:
  • Eastwood plays dirty and sends Larry back to the matrix with his tail between his legs.
  • Lee > Li in the battle of the Leigh's!
  • Indy whips Maaaaaatttt Daaaaaaaamon.
  • Cinderella alert! Sean Connery proves that Bond can take down anyone, especially alcoholic anti Semites!
Two number 10 seeds still alive and kicking, amazing! All number 1's are still alive, can it be an all number 1 final four? Keep tuning in to find out! So, on to this weeks matchups.

#1 Sylvester Stallone

#8 Hugh Jackman

#5 Jean-Claude Van Damme

#4 Chuck Norris

#6 Vin Diesel

#14 Anthony Hopkins

#10 Edward Norton

#2 Arnold Schwarzenegger

So, there is round 2 region 3. Vote early and often! As always just reply here or email me:

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Movie Bad Ass Round 2 Region 2

Quick recap of Region 1:
  • The Tomb Raider is put in her tomb. Bruce Willis defeats Angelina handily.
  • Denzel does what Tommy Lee Jones and the IRS could not, he takes down Wesley Snipes.
  • Upset #1, Brad Pitt throws away Charles Bronson like he was Jennifer Aniston.
  • Upset #2, Cinderella alert! Liam Neeson makes Snake look like a worm, Guess he should not have done all those crappy Disney movies!
And here are the current matchups.

#1 Clint Eastwood.

#8 Laurence Fishburne.

#5 Jet Li.

#4 Bruce Lee.

#6 Matt Damon.

#3 Harrison Ford.

#10 Sean Connery.

#2 Mel Gibson.

As always post your votes here or email me at:

Thank you and enjoy!