Monday, January 26, 2009

I am 30?

Remember when you are a real little kid and 30 is old? I never really felt that way, and tomorrow I am turning 30 and I still do not feel that is old, but I do feel some pressure with turning 30.

Maybe everyone goes through this, maybe this is what the mid life crisis is all about? But, since I am turning 30 tomorrow I find more and more that my life is uneventful. I would not categorize my life as bad, but I want more.

So I was thinking over the last few weeks, what can make my life less boring, less ordinary? So in no particular order I came up with a list, that I am sure would grow if I gave it even more thought.
  1. A new job. I want to work in sports, just not sure how to get there. I hate my current job and am frequently bored, hence I am writing this blog while at work.
  2. A new car. In my life I have driven a Buick Skylark, A Pontiac Sunfire, An Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, An Chevy Silverado, and currently a Chevy Aveo. It was either the Sunfire or the Truck that was my coolest car to date. I want a car that I can be proud to drive around for once! Currently I am driving the Aveo, it is sad that anywhere I go people stare at my car waiting for the clown brigade to jump out.
  3. A guys trip to Vegas. In this day and age it is almost a right of passage to have a guys trip to Vegas. You know, one of those trips where you go and have a great time by taking a second mortgage to get a credit line because you are "getting hot" now that you are in the hole $10,000. One of those trips where your single friends meets this incredible woman that is really into him and we all know it is a hooker, but he insists that it isn't until later that night when she charges him $500. One of those trips where said friend kills the hooker and everyone has to find a way to dispose of the body and clean up the mess and it all works out in the end. Well maybe not all that, but I think an extended weekend to Vegas with the guys would be sweet.
  4. Making a time machine and going back to the treaty of Versailles and giving France to Germany as kind of a consolation prize.
  5. Giving major league baseball a salary cap.
  6. Having the money to build my own house. This is an idea that has fascinated me for a long time. I have all kinds of ideas that I want for my dream house and I want to be able to tell an architect what I want and have them draw it up and build it for me.
  7. Have the motivation to work out. There are days when I feel like Jaba the Hutt and I know that if I was properly motivated and had someone to work out with me that I could resemble a man instead of the gelatinous blob that I have become.
  8. Be a father. While I am not ready yet, mainly because of reasons on this list and more, I know this is something I want to do and just pray everyday that I am at least decent at it. It isn't like a dog where you can screw up and no one cares, because you know, it is a dog. You want your kid to be a productive member of society and to be the best kid ever, you want them to be better than you.
  9. Find a Dr. that can cure allergies. I have super allergies and the current medication normally doesn't work. I need a Dr. who can find a cure, not that it is even possible, but this is my list dammit.
  10. I want to be able to light my dog on fire without hurting him or burning down the house. Watching Carson on fire I think would be hilarious for children of all ages.
Of course some of these are far fetched and impossible, but hey it was my list. Of course there are some I am very serious about, like lighting the dog on fire, that I am just not sure how to get there, hence the possible mid life crisis!

I am sure I will be fine without any of these things, but here's to hoping!

Happy 30th me.


Melaina25 said...

Turning 30 did always seem so far away. I can remember being 21 and having pacts with guy friend to marry each other if neither of us were married by then.

But you of all people should know age is just a number and you don't have to grow up and be old if you don't want to do so. Or did you get a labotomy and throw away all your Star Wars stuff?

George Herron said...

lol, no, no lobotomy, all star wars stuff is still intact. And I do not really think I am old, but at the same time I would have thought I would have done some of that stuff by now.

Skinny Bitch said...

great blog babe! Your not "old" but you are older than me, lol. Can't wait for our dinner out tomorrow.

Love you Birthday boy!

Neil said...

Start swimming again