Friday, August 22, 2008

The Bengals deal with the devil.

And so begins a new Chris Henry era in Cincinnati. Could be a good move, could be disastrous. Just as polar as Chris Henry himself. A man who coaches describe as quiet and take direction well, but has so many off the field issues that he makes Rae Carruth look like a stand up citizen. And then there is what he brings to a game. 6'4'' and 200 lbs., quick and can catch, which most of the healthy receivers have had issues with so far this season. For a while on the field the man looked like a mix of Randy Moss and Chris Carter, he had the size and speed to create huge mis - matches and seemed to have a nose for the end zone. But just like Randy he comes with so much baggage that he has his own luggage cart.

And so that begs the question, has Henry learned his lesson, now that he literally has nothing left can he "know his role and shut his mouth?" Can he be like Randy and put away the self centered bull crap and be a productive part of a team? I would love to say yes, I want to believe because I have seen what he can provide when given the chance, and lets face it the Bengals need someone reliable on the field right now catching the ball. Chad, T.J., Caudwell, and now Marcus Maxwell are all hurt and Maxwell is for sure out for the season. Even with Henry serving the four game suspension at the beginning of the year they NEED him.

And this is why, against every fiber of his being I am sure, Marvin had to make the call and secure Henry before a team like Dallas, or Oakland, who obviously has no issues with checkered pasts, to sign him. With Henry knowing the system and the Bengals looking at their third pre-season game in less than a week it would seem to reason why some one like Joe Horn is out, not to mention possible locker room issues with egos like his and Chad's in the same room.

So did the Bengals make the right call? For weeks all we heard from Marvin was the adamant "No", but it was apparent now that it was all coach speak. I know all coaches do it and I thought I had become immune to it, but I thought Marvin was better than this. The man who came here and cleaned house and made this club a contender again and not a punch line. All that only to completely go back on his word and sign a man who is the poster child for all the Bengals legal woes over the last three years. And while I see why the Bengals did it and while I see the desperateness of the situation at receiver, I think this was the wrong call. I think that it would be better to lose and give some of the younger guys, guys that are hungry for it, who have not blown their chance over and over again a chance to excel. Will there be growing pains, yes of course, but at least you don't bring on the distraction of the inevitable implosion with Chris Henry.

Randy needed a different team and maybe so does Chris, let him go and save your integrity for god sake.


Cleveland Andy said...

This is complete hypocrisy by the only person I can assume made this decision...Mike Brown. Henry is not even a player that is worth the bad attention and ridicule from the rest of the league. He's never been more than a 3rd WR. If that's the case, why would you go through this for a guy that will only play 1/3 of the snaps (assuming he doesn't get arrested again). Start the clock on his next arrest, because it's only a matter of time, and now the Bengals have basically told him and the rest of the team that they really don't give a crap about what Marvin has been preaching. This is just another example of the management and attitude of the organization that got them to this point in the first place. But congratulations Cincinnati, you're still a distant 2nd to the Raiders.

George Herron said...

Ouch, but I can't even defend against what you are saying. I will say that you are right in that Mikey made the call, but Marvin has to take some of this blame to and I for one am getting a little tired of his act. No other coach in the league has been given the leinency that Marvin has got. "Never has someone done so little with so much" to quote my angry neighbor Mo. The only reason for doing this was all the injuries to Chad, T.J., Marcus Maxwell and Andre Caudwell. But in my opinion this is no excuse to give this delinquent yet another chance to fail. So many would kill for this oppertunity and this guys gets 5th and 6th chances, unbelievable.

shu said...

I just have to think good thoughts. I pray it works out for Henry and the team. And by working out, I mean, a year of no distractions, a solid performance by Henry and the Bengals making a strong run heading into the playoffs.
Otherwise, we could be in for another letdown. I don't know how much more we can take. Being a Bengals fan has never been easy. It's a rocky relationship. But for some dumb damn reason, I get real excited each year, saying "this is it."

Jesy said...

I always said that Chris Henry looked "feline" and his multiple lives are confirming my "cat" theory more and more. Cats have nine lives, right? I guess Henry will have the opportunity to screw up a few more times before he hits lucky #9, what a shame.