Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ocho Cinco.....

The receiver formerly know as Chad Johnson has changed his name to Chad Ocho Cinco. At first I thought this was the dumbest thing I had ever heard. I thought that here we go again this guy just can't help himself, he has to have the spotlight. No one was talking about him and he had to do something to change that so he goes more extreme than the last time.

To a point I think that is true, I think Chad needs the attention and I think that he has put himself in the position that each stunts needs to be more outrageous than the last. Lets take a quick jaunt back in the history of Chad.
Gold teeth
Zany end zone celebrations
Ocho Cinco 1.0
Races a horse
Off season trade demands/Media tour
Challenges Micheal Phelps
Ocho Cinco 2.0

With the exception of the off season trade demands all of the stuff was in fun and was harmless. It was just a guy that wants attention and seemingly wants to have fun.

Of course all this stuff will rustle feathers and piss people off. I think especially after the trade demands he wore himself out on allot of people, me included. But after thinking about it I am less mad. This is a guy that wants to win playing on a team that can't and might never win with Mike Brown as the owner. So what we saw this off season was a guy that had reached him limit and height of frustration, that and his agent talking in his ear, drew Rosenhaus, the most evil man in the NFL. We saw similar situations with Corey Dillion and Takeo Spikes. Both went to other teams and were no longer disruptive.

I am not saying that I am totally flipping on Chad. I understand why he did it, but he went about it the wrong way. There needs to be tact, there needs to be a more savoy way to go about this. If you don't want to play for a team don't sign a long contract. But I also think that 90% of the stuff he does is to have fun. Well that and to shift that camera back towards him. I mean if you think about the only time the media has not been talking too or about Chad since the end of the 2007 season was during Farvegate.

I say go with it Chad, entertain me. But make sure you are catching the ball and scoring touchdowns because that IS what you are getting paid to do right now. And fire Drew Rosenhaus, it will go a long way toward mending some fences with fans.


Big L said...

ocho cinco...couldnt he have at least made it eighty five instead of eight five. i still think hes your cancer!

George Herron said...

No Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis are our cancer. Chad is too oblivious to be our cancer!