Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow Dilema.

I left work yesterday at 4:00 and thought it would be safe to go to Best Buy in Tri-County to get a couple of movies that were released. Keep in mind that I was having this thought as I was scraping off about 2 inches of snow off my car. Of course I had made several critical errors when making this decision.
  1. I listened to the weather peoples earliest report of 1-3 inches of snow, AT MOST.
  2. I then subtracted an inch because weather people are NEVER correct.
  3. I then thought since it is 4:00 I am getting a jump start on traffic, I should be fine.
  4. I forgot to factor in things like women, cell phones, and Cincinnati's over all lack of preparedness.
This all led to a 3 hour jaunt to Target, not Best Buy, and back home. Most of that was because I was stubborn and refused to go home, after about 1.5 hours I need those movies to show that I can beat Mother Nature.

Once I got home and then shoveled my driveway and was in an over all fowl mood I thought to myself which is worse being stuck in your car for three hours or being stuck in your house for three days? This, of course, comes up because last week due to the snow and ice I was stuck at home for three days.

Stuck in car
  1. Loved listening to Sports talk radio. I actually got to listen to all the the Reds hot stove report.
  2. Can always change the radio station if bored and get something different, if anyone has satellite it is even better.
  3. Ever changing scenery, all be it at 10 miles an hour.
  4. Get to watch idiot divers do idiot stuff and laugh.
  5. Every once in a while when there was no one around get to do fun stuff in your car that would freak your wife out.
  1. You are stuck in one place, your seat, seat belted in, it is very tomb like.
  2. If there are horrible songs on all your stations, and idiot callers on talk radio it is like being in hell.
  3. Although the idiots are fun to watch it can become very concerning when they get close to your car.
  4. Being stuck at the same light for three cycles because all those a-holes turning left have to sit in the middle of the intersection is MADDENING!
  5. Those fun things you do in your car are no longer fun when you almost take out a telephone pole.
Stuck in the House
  1. You are at your house and can get up and move around, go into a different room.
  2. No issue in case you really have to go to the bathroom. I mean if you are in your car you have to go all astronaut and pee your self.
  3. Less idiots to deal with. Keep in mind that I have a crazy dog.
  4. Other forms of entertainment, get on the Internet, watch T.V. Of course those are slightly counter productive to actual work, but who really knows?!
  5. You can demand that your wife work naked all day, not that I did pervs, I am just saying it is an option.
  6. Ability to change into comfortable clothes and not wear shoes. P.S. I hate shoes.
  1. THREE DAYS! That is like an eternity when you are literally stuck with the same person and same two dogs, one of which annoys the bejesus out of me, the entire time. Stir craziness started to take effect mid way through day two!
  2. Because I was working from home I hated to ever leave my PC because I wanted to make sure people knew I was working. There is always that guilt I feel when I work from home.
  3. Being concerned that my Duke energy bill is going to be like getting gang banged in a prison shower. I mean I had two PC's going and a T.V., an I-Pod dock, heat was turned up, and more lights were on.
  4. Just because my wife had the option to shower doesn't mean she did! Granted she was sick, but is mixing in a shower too much to ask?!
  5. I think I had to shovel show four different times. I HATE shoveling snow, mix in ice and I hate it even more. But when you are stuck at home you get the pleasure of doing it every hour or so!
So, by a narrow margin, at least in my book, I would rather be stuck in the house for three days. I had me at indoor plumbing! Of course that all might change when I get my energy bill this month. I know the car was only three hours, but it was three hours of barely moving and three hours of sitting in the same position can get quite uncomfortable.

So what do YOU think?


Javelin Tiger said...

House wins out, but you have some great points!

Why did i not think of getting my wife to work naked? I'm pissed I didn't think of this last week. Not that I would either, but it's a fantastic idea in concept.

Skinny Bitch said...

great points minus the fact that I didn't shower. Whatever, I did eventually shower but you are right I was sick and just felt like being on the couch. Plus, you forgot to add the point that I freaking made your lunch and brought you in pop tarts and drinks and such. You had it made at home! I'd vote home too!

monkeetrouble said...

I vote home. The ability to get up and move around and be able to go to the bathroom decides it!

And the whole working naked thing is just weird.

Melaina25 said...

You got poptarts? You need to retract the comment about showering. As long as she wasn't whiffy, not showering isn't that big a deal...