Monday, February 2, 2009

Top Ten Super Bowl Catches

After recovering from a nightmare of a Super Bowl in which the hated Steelers stole the Lombardi Trophy right out from under the Cardinals with what I consider to be the best Super Bowl catch of all time, I decided to rank all the great catches from Super Bowls past.
  1. Santonio Holmes, 2009 Toe Drag

2. David Tyree, 2008 Helmet Catch

3. Phil McConkey, 1986 off Mark Bravaro's helmet.
4. John Taylor, 1989 Dagger in the hearts of Bengals fans everywhere.
5. Lynn Swann, 1976 He had two great catches in that Super Bowl, take your pick!
6. John Stallworth, 1979
7. Max McGee, 1967 The one hand grab.
8. Hines Ward, 2006 receiver to receiver.
9. Issac Bruce, 2000 the go ahead score to win it for the Rams
10. Gary Clark, 1988 The go ahead for the Redskins to beat the Broncos.

A particularly hard topic for a Bengals fan to write about since four of the top ten are Steelers and the John Taylor catch was against the Bengals in the Super Bowl. So according to my math half of this list is just painful to think/talk/write about.

I give the nod to Holmes' catch as number one since it was in the end zone and actually sealed the deal for the Steelers. It was a tough call though since the Tyree catch did set up the winning score and it was for an underdog win. Had the Tyree catch been in the end zone it would still be the reigning champ.

There was special consideration to John Elway catching a pass and being the first quarterback to do so in the 1988 Super Bowl, but other than being the first quarterback to catch a pass in the Super Bowl there was nothing to dramatic about it.

I REALLY hate the Steelers.


Melaina25 said...

Doesn't everyone hate Shitsburgh?

Skinny Bitch said...

they play so dirty, did they really have to kick and hit. blood pressure is rising as I type this

George Herron said...

If not they should.

ColeImperi said...

I also hate the Steelers. Cower is satan. Anyway, I appreciate the photos.

Javelin Tiger said...

I also really really really really really really hate Pittsburgh. Really you can just burn all of PA minus maybe Philadelphia and that's more for American historical significance than for anything they've done in the past 100 years. (which is nothing by the way).

Also if this is a top 10 article, why are numbers 2 and 4 missing?

I should note that I tend to block any horrible experiences from my memory and refuse to acknowledge them.

Hoopes said...

GO STEELERS! Since BJ Penn lost money for me on Saturday with his UFC Debut, I have to thank Pittsburgh for getting the win, and some money for me! The Bengals have one last year for me, if they don't change it, I'm going to have to go Team Shopping... As much as I have hated the Steelers my entire life, I have to admit, they have everything the Bengals do, minus a GM and scouts, and they make it work... GO STEELERS!