Thursday, April 23, 2009

Movie Bad Ass Championship.

Her it is, the moment of truth. The final two titans prepared to do battle to the death, or until a clear winner emerges. It has been a long tough road for both of these "gentlemen," but worth it for the title of best movie bad ass! The matchup is:
  • #1 Bruce Willis VS. #1 Sylvester Stallone
Bruce is coming of his easiest victory yet, he took 100% of the vote against Harrison Ford. Apparently Harrison took a page out of John Lennon's book and just married the wrong girl. Yoko broke up the Beatles and Calista Flockhart ruined Harrison's chances here. I mean how can a bad ass marry that?

The Italian Stallion, on the other hand just came of his toughest victory. He was only able to get by the Duke with one vote. He is lucky that he uses automatic weapons, roids help too.

So it has come down to two bad ass dudes, but they are bad asses for different reasons. So who will win? Who will come out of this alive? Vote now and find out!

Bruce Willis

Sylvester Stallone

I found this little gem, is it a sign of things to come?

Only YOU can decide! Vote now, as always you can reply here or you can email me at:

Thank you and enjoy!


The Jew said...

Bruce Willis FTW!

Melaina25 said...

The Return of Bruno all the way. Nothing like 80's actors trying to sing, plus his daughters all unfortunately look like him, ouch.

Willis all the way.

C.J. said...

Bruce 'Bad-Ass' Willis.
I have stuck with him this entire tournament and when all the chips are on the table I have to keep my vote with Bruce. To power through Die Hard and keep the series strong through not 1 but 3 sequels is a thing to behold. Think of any movie series that was that good through all iterations.

Godfather III
Back to the Future III
Speed II

And the one that sealed the deal here...against his Championship foe Stalone Rocky V

George Herron said...

Yes sadly all his daughters look JUST LIKE HIM, yikes!

Some other forgettable sequels:
Matrix Revolutions
Star Wars: Phantom Menace
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Batman and Robin
Batman Forever
Superman III & IV
Any of the Scary Movies

And the list could go on forever, maybe next year I can do that. The 64 worst sequels ever made?