Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Movie Bad Asses Sweet 16 Part 1

The Sweet 16 is finally here, so lets review the matchups.
  • #1 Bruce Willis vs #5 Denzel Washington
  • #6 Brad Pitt vs #10 Liam Neeson
  • #1 Clint Eastwood vs #4 Bruce Lee
  • #3 Harrison Ford vs #10 Sean Connery
  • #1 Sly Stallone vs #4 Chuck Norris
  • #6 Vin Diesel vs #2 Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • #1 Robert De Niro vs #4 John Wayne
  • #3 Al Pacino vs #2 Samuel Jackson
All the number 1's are still alive and two 10 seeds have squeaked in, and now it is time to get down to business. Let the voting begin to see who advances to the elite 8!

Bruce Willis

Denzel Washington

Brad Pitt

Liam Neeson

Clint Eastwood

Bruce Lee

Harrison Ford

Sean Connery

So there is the first grouping to vote for, the next grouping will be up on Monday to decide the elite 8! As always vote here by replying or email me at:

Enjoy everyone!


The Jew said...

brad pitt
harrison ford

Melaina25 said...

-Brad Pitt
-Bruce Lee

C.J. said...

Willis over Denzel
I should not be casting the first vote for Bruce. Please let me remind you that he has bad-assed his way to 4 Die Hard's and THE LAST FREAKING BOYSCOUT...not to mention Demi Moore's thong. Please, John McCLane all the way.

Neeson over Pitt
I can't pick the pretty-boy. They say that Jedi mind tricks only work on the weak minded, but how many of those 14 Asian kids did he really want and how many did Angelina demand he take in. Weak minded all the way and Neeson wins by a country mile here.

Eastwood over Lee
Lee might know the 'Way of the Dragon', or the 'Way of the Fist', but Harry Callahan knows the way of the bad-ass MAGNUM. He makes Lee's day and moves on.

Ford over Connery
You ain't pulling any fast ones on Han Solo. If he can get that rusty bucket of bolts to fly and blow up a Death Star he can take down a Brit. Even a Brit named Bond.

Hoopes said...

My dude Denzel, solely because of Training Day... Taking that many bullets and dishing them out before dying, come on, that's the man... So Bruce Willis can land a plane that was hijacked, blah blah blah, I do that on Saturday mornings when I'm bored, sorry Brucey!

Pitt obviously... Fight Club...

Eastwood... Look at the picture... That's more gun than any man would ever need, but you know what, when life hands you lemons, you say fuck the lemons and roll...

Connery... It's Sean Connery's birthday!?!? Go Bond!

monkeetrouble said...


Javelin Tiger said...

Holy Shit am I behind, had to catch up on a blog and a round of voting, sorry I was busy smuggling piss for R. Kelly through Taiwanese customs.

#1 Bruce Willis
Sorry, but Bruce wins, way too badass even for denzel and now that he's filming a Kevin Smith flick, well I'm just too excited not to pick Bruce!

#10 Liam Neeson
Oddly enough, in the last round I didn't want Liam to move on, I thought he was the lesser fo the two bad asses, but out of Pitt and Neeson, I'm actually going to vote Neeson, he gets lucky because of the matchup, but he still wins.

#1 Clint Eastwood.
Eastwood's 78 and still kicking and knows how to shoot a gun, and actually getting better as he ages. Bruce Lee died of a headache at 33. Don't get me wrong i wish he wouldn't have, but who's more bad ass, the 78 year old or the dude who died of a headache? Eastwood wins.

#3 Harrison Ford
Hans Solo, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan, need i say more? the dude is bad ass!!!