Monday, April 6, 2009

Movie Bad Ass Round 2 Region 4

The final region for round two is upon us. Time to vote to see who gets in to the sweet 16! But first, we of course will review what happened last region.
  • Sylvester Stallone went Judge Dread on Hugh Jackman and showed him that he truly is the law.
  • Chuck Norris uses his beard fist to clean Jean-Claude's clock. Chuck is growing concerned that he won't have to break a sweat to win this tournament.
  • Vin Diesel turns Sir Anthony into roadkill, which incidentally Hannibal would have eaten as a side dish to his brain pudding.
  • I would say it was a classic case of David vs. Goliath when the governator took on the Hulk, but I think they are the same size. In any case, Conan moves on.
No upsets that round, all the higher seeds moved on. Now lets see what we have left for the final region.

#1 Robert De Niro

#9 Jason Statham

#4 John Wayne

#12 Viggo Mortensen

#6 Christian Bale

#3 Al Pacino

#2 Samuel Jackson

#7 R. Lee Ermey

There it is, region 4 in all it glory. Now it is time for YOU to decides the final 4 spots for the sweet 16, make it count! As always vote here by replying or simply email me at:

Thanks again and enjoy!


Hoopes said...

#1 DeNiro is obviously going to win this one, as much as I like Statham, sorry bro, but Heat? Casino? Come on, there's no hope for you here...

#4 John Wayne obviously, I mean, he invented badassness...

#3 Pacino, again, one of the original basasses. Heat? Scarface? Come on, you can't touch that...

R. Lee Ermey over Samuel L... I'm getting tired of Jackson's same old I'm "Shaft" bullshit, time for a new routine... FULL METAL JACKET ALL THE WAY!

Javelin Tiger said...

#1 Robert DeNiro
I really really wanted to vite for statham on this one, I actually did, but after looking over everything i came to this, DeNiro was the better actor over his career (sorry I have to say was, I mean look at what he's done lately), and DeNiro was in raging bull, taxi driver, etc. I mean he's just too bad ass!

#4 John Wayne, this is a no brainer, Duke wins again!

#3 Al Pacino
once again I was actually wanting to pick Bale over Pacino, but the more you look at it, I have to go with the clear winner in this and that is Pacino, Scarface is just too bad ass, plus Bale was in fucking Newsies, he loses points for singing and dancing. Only fred astaire could still be bad ass and do that and that was 60 years ago, wouldn't work today, doesn't work today, bale goes down.

#2 Samuel L. Jackson
Is and always will be the definition of Badass, i don't care how many times he plays the role of badass it doesn't hurt his standings like hoopes says. Actually, if you play the badass in more roles isn't that supposed to help your standings in this competition? i say it does. SLJ Wins!

Melaina25 said...

-John Wayne
-Christian Bale because I wish I had his StepMom, oh and he's hot
-Samuel L,. Jackons, yes they deserved to die and I hope they burn in hell!

monkeetrouble said...

1, 4, 3, 2

The Jew said...

1, 4, 3, 2

C.J. said...

De Niro over Statham
Jake LaMotta beat his family just like his opponents. Just goes to show that he would have no problem whipping Statham's ass as well.

John Wayne over Viggo Mortensen
The Duke and his trusty revolver put one right through Viggo's eyes. That's what you get for bringing a sword to a gun fight Aragorn.

Al Pacino over Christian Bale
While he may have regretted it he did kill his own brother. Batman could never do that, and the Dark Knight falls.

Samuel Jackson over R. Lee Ermey
He was in 'Snakes on a Plane' and we let it slide. Only the truly bad-ass can pull that off.