Monday, April 13, 2009

Movie Bad Asses Sweet 16 Part 2

Here we are at part 2, to decide who moves on to the Elite 8. But first, of course, we will recap what happened with the first 4 matchups.
  • In the closest vote so far, Bruce Willis wins by one and proves that even a "man on fire" is no match for John McLane.
  • Achilles takes down Rob Roy pretty easily.
  • Bruce Lee show up to a gun fight with a sword, Dirty Harry wins easy.
  • Bond proves to be no better of a shot than Greedo, Han Solo wins.
So, half the field is set for the Elite 8 of bad assness, let decide the other half!

Sylvester Stallone

Chuck Norris

Vin Diesel

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Robert De Niro

John Wayne

Samuel Jackson

Al Pacino

So there it is, the second half of the Sweet 16. Now vote early and often and round out the Elite 8!
As always vote here by responding, or email me at:

Thank you, and enjoy!


Skinny Bitch said...

Okay, so this week through me for the loop with out your numbers so here are all the names:
1. My vote is for the Italian Stalion
2. The Arnold
3. John Wayne
4. Al Pacino

Man, I really feel like I missed out on other voting opportunities am I still allowed to cast my votes?

Javelin Tiger said...

Ok, no time for witty comments today. Sorry all. This week was a tough one.

Sylvester Stallone
Sorry chuck, but stallone wins here.

Arnold Sch#%$^$#ger
Love Vin Diesel and think his career will be climbing back again, but Arnold wins for now.

John Wayne
The duke keeps on winning for me.

Samuel L. Jackson
Still too badass to be beat up to this point. Even if Al was a pimp devil.

monkeetrouble said...

Stallone, Arnold, John Wayne, Jackson

Melaina25 said...

-Ew ew I don't like either but I will go with Sly because as far as I know he's not a Republican
-Vin Diesel, he's camp and has deep voice
-DeNiro, why not?
-Jackson, his key to acting is yelling

C.J. said...

Texas Ranger over Sly
It should be told that in the annals of history, Truman decided to drop the bomb on Hiroshima rather than the alternative of sending in Chuck Norris. Not because he couldn't complete the task, but instead that the bomb was more "humane". Judge Dredd ain't got nothing on that.

Vin Diesel over Arnold
It just appears to me that Conan has gotten soft over the years. Maybe he should be doing some more of his Presidential Physical Fitness than curling donuts at the financial planning sessions.

De Niro over Wayne
I have to roll with the young Vito here because I fear if I don't I will end up face down in the Hudson by nightfall. Mafia wins, but really when don't they.

Samuel Jackson over Pacino
Just because he has been in the most movies EVER since 1990 I give him props. And even though he was dead at the time his disembodied arm was used to fend of Veliciraptors. That is some serious post-mortem bad-ass.