Monday, March 16, 2009

Movie Bad Ass Region #2

Before moving on to the second bracket, let's run through who moved on to the second round from the first bracket.

Bruce Willis proved that he does in fact die hard and Yipee-Ky-Yeahed right past Milla Jovovich. Angelina buried Uma in a tomb and made sure she was dead this time, can't make the same mistake twice. Denzel caught fire and tore Travolta's face right off. Wesley Snipes used his blades and carved up Hugo Weaving like a turkey dinner. Brad Pitt, like the one many army he is, made a snuff film of Nicolas Cage. As CJ predicted, James Caan had a death wish and Charles Bronson was more than happy to give it to him. Val Kilmer must have kidnapped Liam Neeson's daughter, because in upset fashion, Liam takes down Doc Holiday. And finally, Bond he may be, but he is no match for Snake as he escapes to the second round.

Now on to the second bracket match ups. Too see the actors body of work click on their name, it is a hyper link. I will list some of their highlights though.

#1 Clint Eastwood. ( Hang 'em High, High Plains Drifter, The Outlaw Josey Whales, The dead Pool, The Unforgiven, Gran Tarino.)

#16 Dennis Hopper ( True Grit, Mad Dog Morgan, Blue Velvet, Speed, Waterworld.)

#8 Laurence Fishburne ( Apocalypse Now, Boyz in the Hood, The Tuskegee Airmen, Event Horizon, The Matrix Trilogy, Assult on Precinct 13, Mission Impossible III.)

#9 Keanu Reeves ( Point Break, Speed, Johnny Mnemonic, The Matrix trilogy, Constatine.)

#5 Jet Li ( Leathal Weapon 4, Cradle to the Grave, War.)

#12 Lucy Liu ( Payback, True Crime, Charlie's Angels (2), Kill Bill (2).)

#4 Bruce Lee ( Enter the Dragon, Game of Death.)

#13 Sigourney Weaver ( Alien; 4 movies total)

#6 Matt Damon ( Saving Private Ryan, Rounders, The Bourne Trilogy, The Departed, The Good Shepard)

#11 Kevin Costner ( The Untouchables, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, The Body Guard, Wyatt Earp, Mr. Brooks.)

#3 Harrison Ford ( Star Wars (3), Indiana Jones (4), Blade Runner, Patriot Games, The Fugitive, Clear and Present Danger, What Lies Beneath, K: 19 The Widow Maker.
HanSolo.jpg Han Solo picture by cevyr1
#14 Harvey Keitel ( Copkiller, Wise Guys, The Last Temptation of Christ, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, From Dusk till Dawn.)

#7 Mark Wahlberg ( Three Kings, The Perfect Storm, Four Brothers, The Departed, Shooter, Max Payne.)

#10 Sean Connery ( From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, You Only Live Twice, Highlander, The Untouchables, The Hunt for the Red October, The Rock.)

#2 Mel Gibson ( Mad Max (3), Lethal Weapon (4), Ransom, Braveheart, Payback, The Patriot, We Were Soldiers.)

#15 Johnny Depp ( Donnie Brasco, Sleepy Hollow, From Hell, Pirates of the Caribbean (3), Once Upton a Time in Mexico, Sweeney Todd.)

There it is, bracket number 2. Now, go and vote and tell all your friends!

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Hoopes said...

#1, Clint Eastwood is the man... Look at all his works, he's the same bad ass character...
#8, Laurence Fishburn, I hate Keanu Reeves... Stupid Bill and Ted...
#5, Jet Li is the shizz, but I figured you'd have him pitted up against Jackie Chan...
#4, Bruce Lee would roundhouse kick her face off...
#6, Matt Damon is just cooler, Kevin Costner lost my respect when he made a country song...
#14, Harvey... There's no way you can beat a guy like that when you were in a movie like Reservoir Dogs...
#7 and #10... I can't believe you would make me pick between the 2... Sean Connery was the best Bond ever, without question, but Shooter, come on... I'm going to go with #8.5, because I took the average...
#15, Johnny Depp, solely on the basis that Mel Gibson is nuts, and you can clearly see that from his booking picture...

I'm still pretty upset about the Mark Wahlberg vs Sean Connery...

George Herron said...

Sorry Hoopzilla, but that was the point, to make it difficult! just wait till we get to the elite 8!

And no, Jackie Chan did not make the cut. While he does some super cool shit, was he ever really a bad ass?

Javelin Tiger said...

My votes are as follows

#1 Clint Eastwood, he may be 90 something lol, but he still kicks ass, to use his own favorite curse word, (courtesy of inside the actors studio), Clint Eastwood is one Jive Ass Mother F***er

#8 Laurence Fishburne
Neo is and always will be Morpheus's bitch, I don't care if he is the chosen one, if morpheus had been given the same powers as neo we wouldn't have needed 3 movies to attempt to beat the machines, he would have had it done in 30 minutes or less just like my pizza. Now that's bad ass.

#5 Jet Li
Most American's didn't see this guy till 2000 when he was like 37 in romeo must die. Thirty freaking Seven! and he's still been bad ass even at that age and beyond! A guy that can kick ass from the age of 19-at least where he's at now at 46 deserves to win out. Tell me one athlete that still kicks as much ass at that age other than maybe Foreman back in the day. Lucy Lu will be withered up and on her 8th round of plastic surgery by that time like most Hollywood actress's these days.

#4 Bruce Lee
Sigorney Weaver does kick ass don't get me wrong, I wish she was against someone else so I could vote for her, but Bruce Lee wins, end of story.

#6 Matt Damon
Despite the longer list of action movies for Kevin Costner I have to give the nod to Damon. This is an interesting match up though, because both are on that bubble between Bad-ass and just the guy that everyone would want to be because they're fun, good looking and take the roles that would be fun to play. Sorry Kev, I still dig you man.

#3 Harrison Ford
How the hell did Han/Indy drop to a 3 seed? Listen, he's freaking Han Solo, he's freaking Indiana Jones, he's freaking Jack Ryan, he's a bad ass president in Air Force One, how the hell do you not vote for this guy, I mean any of the first three roles listed would be enough to get him through the first round, but 3 very iconic roles, the dude deserves to be in the bad ass hall of fame. We grew up watching this cat do his thing. hands down no brainer, anyone who votes otherwise deserves to be shot first.

Next up...
You're making me choose this one really?
#10 Sean Connery
Man was this one hard, I mean you have the best bond ever the guy who helped the bond character become as beloved as he is today and helped him to stick around instead of die out vs a guy that you can't help but like and is extremely bad ass. Mark Whalberg's list of movies isn't as long, but the movies he is in he kicks ass, no questions asked. Then you have Connery, the guy gets any chick he wants, he completes his mission and people know not to mess with him, and when they do they usually end up dead, that's bad ass. This is the hardest one in this round hands down. Eventually i gave the nod to Connery, he is THE bond, he was King Arthur and he's been freaking knighted by the queen. That's bad ass, out of respect for all those things and a longer career he gets the nod. Plus like all classics, he knew when to retire. instead of going well into his twilight he let go like legends do, only downside is it was one movie too late. Well done Sir Connery.

#2 Mel Gibson
Johnny I love you I really do, you make the roles you play, you are Jack Sparrow, but you're always a bit dainty even when you're bad ass. Mel wins out for being bad ass Mad Max, he was a pimp Hamlet, only real men can do Shakespeare, Leo was a puss as Romeo, luckily he's come back with a vengeance after a disappointing run as a teen bop hearth throb. Back to Mel though, he's freaking William Wallace, that's how its done when you love a woman and are still bad ass, he was the craziest mo fo in Leathal weapon, hell he's even crazy in real life now. He was pimp in payback and so on, if only we can get the Mel we all knew and loved back for some cool movies in the rest of his career.

C.J. said...

Eastwood over Hopper
Eastwood is such a bad-ass he has no name in 4 movies. He more than takes his fistful of dollars from this fight.

Fishburne over Reeves
Neo may be 'The One' but it takes one serious bad-ass to find him in the Matrix. Larry pulls the plug here.

Liu over Li
In a 5-12 shocker Jet Li may know kung-fu, but so does Lucy Liu and this time the Hanzo blade wins out.

Lee over Weaver
He's the freaking Dragon! Next round, kiiiiii-yaaaaaaaaaaa!

Kostner over Damon
Damon cries in SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, gets pounded by State Troopers in ROUNDERS and has erectile dysfunction in THE way he stops the man that put Al Capone behind bars

Ford over Keitel
The Wolf is bad, but Ford bludgeoned a man with his own fake that's bad-ass

Connery over Wahlberg
Connery is THE Bond, not to mention the first immortal Highlander. He's got more bad-ass than Marky Mark and Dirk Diggler combined

Gibson over Depp
When you are seven feet tall and can shoot fireballs from your eyes, and bolts of lightning from the arse you are WAY more bad-ass than a wise-cracking pirate

monkeetrouble said...

1, 8, 5, 4, 11, 3, 10, 2

Sabrina said...

1; 8; 12; 4; 6; 3; 10; 15

Wow, how were the brackets set up for Sean Connery and Mark Wahlberg to face off so soon! That was the only hard one. They're both totally bad-ass but in very different ways. Old school Bond versus the Departed/Shooter/3 Kings.

Mark said...

I was waiting to see where Weaver ended up before contributing. Weaver is the ULTIMATE female bad-ass and deserves a higher ranking. She is unstoppable throughout the saga. Ellen Ripley for president.

George Herron said...

Mark, better vote now, this is a one and done tournament just like the NCAA! If you don't vote for her now you might not get another chance!

The Jew said...

1, 8, 5, 4, 6, 3, 10, 2.

Neil said...