Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Movie Bad Ass Region 3

A recap of region 2, no real surprises with the exception of another 10-7 upset.
  • Eastwood gives the most lopsided victory so far by collecting all the votes except one. Lets hope he isn't going to strong to early, he is 80+ and has at least 5 more games to be crowned champion.
  • Call him Larry, call him Morpheus, call him Laurence, just don't call him Keanu's bitch. 'Ol Larry proves that Neo still has a lot to learn.
  • In battle of the Asians part I Jet Li kung-fu's his way right past Lucy Liu. She may be hot and she may be deadly in Kill Bill, but Jet Li says siyanora to Lucy as he advances to the next round.
  • In a closer vote than I thought Bruce Lee edges out Sigourney Weaver. Thus proving that Ripley may be able to take out aliens, but fails to take out dragons.
  • Matt Damon is a clear winner. The best part is that after the match up he can go all talented Mr. Ripley and act just like Costner, so we all have the best of both worlds!
  • Harrison Ford shows no hesitation, and there is no weird screen jump when he shoots first this time. All it took was that one shot and Mr. White fell like a sack of potatoes, perhaps Harvey should have fired the gun instead of trying to break Harrison's nose with it?
  • Upset of this region, Sean Connery takes down Marky Mark. had it been shirts vs skins Mark might have stood a chance against Sir Connery, but THE Bond handles Mark's funky bunch with no real issues.
  • Mel Gibson confuses Johnny Depp's nappy long hair and disheveled look for Christ and decides to hang him on a cross. Victory for the anti-Semite.
Now on to the third region:

#1 Slyvester Stalone ( Rocky (6), Rambo (4), Cobra, Demolition Man, Get Carter.)

#16 Marlon Brando ( Julius Caesar, The Godfather, Superman, Apocalypse Now, The Score.)

#8 Steven Seagal ( Hard to Kill, Under Siege (2), Half Past Dead, Out for a Kill.)

#9 Hugh Jackman ( X-Men (3), Swordfish, Van Helsing, Australia.)

#5 Jean-Claude Van Damme ( Bloodsport, Kickboxer, Lionheart, Hard Target, Universal Soldier.)

#12 Clive Owen ( Hostage, King Aurthur, Sin City, Inside Man, Shoot 'em Up.)

#4 Chuck Norris ( A Force of One, Missing in Action (2), The Delta Force (2), The Cutter.)

#13 Antonio Banderas ( Desperado, Assassins, The Mask of Zorro, Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever, One Upon a Time in Mexico.)

#6 Vin Diesel ( Pitch Black, Fast and the Furious, xXx, The Chronicles of Riddick, A Man Apart.)

#11 Michael Madsen ( Beyond the Law, Reservoir Dogs, The Getaway, Wyatt Earp, Man With a Gun, Donnie Brasco, Bad Guys, Outlaw, Kill Bill (2).)

#3 Daniel Day-Lewis ( The Last of the Mohicans, Gangs of New York, There Will be Blood.)

#14 Anthony Hopkins ( Hannibal Lecture (3), The Mask of Zorro, Dracula, Mission Impossible II, Alexander, Fracture.)$20rising.jpg

#7 Colin Farrell ( American Outlaws, Minority Report, The Recruit, Daredevil, S.W.A.T., Alexander.)

#10 Edward Norton ( American History X, Fight Club, Kingdom of Heaven, The Incredible Hulk.)

#2 Arnold Schwarzenegger ( Conan (2), Terminator (3), Predator, Total Recall, True Lies, Governor.)

#15 Tom Berenger ( Platoon, Shoot to Kill, Born on the Fourth of July, Sniper, Rough Riders.)

So there it is, region 3. Like always either vote by posting a comment here, or emailing me at:

I will Probably post the last region on Saturday and once that is finished it will be on to round two where the decisions will be tougher!



Javelin Tiger said...

First off, I'm offended by Colin Ferral being on this list, have you seen home at the end of the world where he's a bi guy the wants to make out with dudes not kill them or any other flick where he's indecisive and far from bad ass which is his normal state?

#1 Sly Stallone, how can you not vote for a guy that single handedly ended the cold war? That's bad ass! And anyone who says that Rocky 4 didn't make the Russians come around is a fool! lol. Plus he's John freaking Rambo. I mean I like the godfather, but if you can take down a big bad russian and an entire network or terrorists, you beat a mafia hit man any day, which means you can beat the godfather too.

#9 Hugh Jackman
Sorry Segal, but you were the puss of the two Great kung fu guys of the 80's, Jean claude will get my vote later and Wolverine takes anyone down even if his list of movies is longer, besides segal is a budhist monk now and can't harm a fly. He gets the beat down.

# 5 Jean Claude Van Dame
Clive you're bad ass don't get me wrong, but blood sport wins out. So does hard target, that proves he's not only good with close combat but guns too, he'll take you down near or far, just watch out!

# 3 Chuck fucking Norris
nuff said

# 6 Vin Disel
He was Riddick in pitch black, forget the second one even though he does take over as the lord of an alien race, but the first one he kicked ass over all. I mean, I just down see how madsen can compete, he's strong he's "fast" he's got it all, just watch out. sorry Maddy.

#3 Daniel Day Lewis
What is this, the hey we didn't have anyone better to pick round? Or should I call it the mentally unstable round between Daniel Plainview and Hannibal Lector? I mean daniel day is bad ass in the 3 movies listed which is why he gets the win, but not a very long list and these guys are just kind of ones that are fucked up in the head. Ok, moving on on this one...

#10 Edward Norton
Fight club and American history x along give him the win, but add in being asked to get the crap kicked out of him in 25th hour and then being the hulk and well he's in another league. See my first comment above for why farrell is such a puss.

#2 Arnold Schwarzenegger
He's gov of California and he's the terminator, this ones not close, end of story.

George Herron said...

You don't like the guy, then don't vote for him. As far as being qualified, he is plenty bad ass in the movies I have mentioned and we have let people with shorter reumes in.

This is a field of 64 that we are narrowing down to one. There will be people that are less qualified and I am sure that there are people that you felt should have been on the list. That is why there was a selection committee. I had 5 people send me suggestions and I took the best of the best.

There is a lot of thought that went into seeding. It was not just someone that did a lot of movies, but also how much of a bad ass he was in the roles he took. In my opinion Daniel Day-Lewis was more of a bad ass in his three roles than Ed Norton in his 5 or whatever. I think you see where I am going with this.

Also I am human as are the rest of the committee, so there will be omissions, that were an accident.

monkeetrouble said...

I don't write novels with my answers...
1, 9, 12, 13, 6, 14, 10, 2

Skinny Bitch said...

Okay, here are my votes:
#1, #9, #12, #13, #6, #14, #10, #12

Much better bracket this time - last one was HARD!!!

Javelin Tiger said...

P.S. I hope you know I'm just playing around, its tough to pick em and that's why we're voting. But hey I have to put my opinion to extreme in my post, makes it more entertaining that way, lol, even if you don't agree with it.

C.J. said...

Stalone over Brando
He is the Webster definition of a bad-ass, as long as we igonre Rocky 5.

Weapon-X over Seagal
Should I call you Logan, Weapon-X? Or just one bad-ass Aussie? Seagal might do all of his own stunts, but he might have wanted to call in the backup after the humiliation he gets put through here.

Van Damme over Clive
He took down Chun-Li while blind, I think that bad-asses him past a guy who saves lactating hookers.

Chuck over Bandaras
The man can cure cancer with his tears, too bad for us he roundhouse kicked Bandaras back to Mexico before breaking a sweat.

Diesel over Madsen
Jumble his name up...yeah it comes out to I END LIVES. You going to fuck with that? Didn't think so, next round.

Hopkins over Day-Lewis
Hopkins eats brains. Say whatever you like about Lewis, I think he's one of the greatest actors of our time. But Hopkins eats freaking-brains. Score it a win and clear the body before Sir Anthony eats him.

Norton over Farrell
Tyler Durden goes apeshit on Farrell until his face is 2 parts gravel to 1 part bone. But there is no Fight Club or your next.

Schwarzenegger over Berenger
The Gubenator, in an election year shot Terminator 3 and still won. Either that bad-ass or Californians are dumb. Guess it's a little of both.

Hoopes said...

#16 Marlno Brando, sorry Sly, You over did it with Rocky, now on the other hand, had you made Godfather again, it would have been a hit, it's a great movie that can't be beat, unlike Rocky...

#9 Hugh Jackman, Steven Segal is the same in every movie, and he probably doesn't do his own stunts... Seen one, seen them all, but Wolverine has his own movie coming out...

#5 Jean Claude Van Damme, seriously, this guy is untouchable in this category, Blood Sport and such, come on...

#4 Chuck Norris, if you don't vote for him, he'll roundhouse kick you into the other sex... One of Chuck Norris' Roundhouse kicks could power the United States for a little over 3 hours.

#11 Michael Madsen, still gotta roll with a man from Reservoir Dogs, because I love that movie... Vin Diesel pisses me off especially now that they're backtracking on Fast and the Furious, should have left it alone...

#14 Anthony Hopkins is great in every movie he's in, although Lewis was great, but Hopkins takes top prize...

#10 I can't go against my boy Norton, he's the shiz! American History X alone was amazing, but then Fight Club, and all of his new movies, please, I really liked SWAT and all, but no way, Norton all the way...

#15 Tom Berenger, rolling with my homie here, with the Sniper trilogy, how can you pick Arnold... Terminator shouldn't count, he was a robot, that's not badass, that's like Will Smith shit, step off "Aunold," and make way for the Sniper...

George, I'm starting to get pissed with your pairing up here, I know it's a bracket and all, but Chuck Norris IS the Badass region... And Norton/Ferrell is tough too, but you're making me think, nice...

George Herron said...

Oh shit! I am making Hoopes think, watch out everyone this could get messy!

Just playing Hoopes. If you think this is tough just wait till later rounds! Can you imagine if Bruce and Denzel win again they will play each other, that is a tough call! Or what about the possibility of Clint Eastwood versus Sean Connery?

This is going to get tougher before it gets easier so settle in and enjoy the ride!