Thursday, March 26, 2009

Movie Bad Ass Round 2

Round one is finished. Anthony Hopkins is the surprise upset as a 14 topples a 3 seed. Not a single 7 seed advances and all number ones are still alive. before moving on here is a quick recap of region 4.
  • In the first and only shutout De Niro stuffs Roth's body in the trunk of his taxi and drives it into a lake.
  • Will Smith and Jason Statham tied for the first time ever and I have to invoke a tiebreaker. The tie breaker involved asking a random co-worker who voted for Statham. Do it looks like a guy that hooks a car battery to his nipples to keep his heart going is by a narrow margin a bigger bad ass?
  • Tom Cruise may be able to leap couches in a single bound, but he falls short when going against a Ranger from hobitville. Winner Mortensen.
  • Burt Reynolds offers John Wayne a moustache ride and the Duke punches him so hard that he thinks Sally Fields is hot....again. Winner John Wayne.
  • Mickey Rourke steps in Christian Bale's light, it was all over after that. Winner Bale.
  • Liotta was a goodfella, and goodfellas finish last. Winner Pacino.
  • The real marine defeats the fake marine by one vote. Winner Ermey.
  • Russell Crowe makes fun of Samuel Jackson's purple lightsaber, Russell Crowe is now in 10,000 pieces, lesson learned. Winner Jackson.
So with round one complete, it is time for tougher decisions. Only the toughest will move on to the sweet 16, good luck and happy voting!

#1 Bruce Willis

#9 Angelina Jolie

#5 Denzel Washington

#4 Wesley Snipes

#6 Brad Pitt

#3 Charles Bronson

#10 Liam Neeson

#2 Kurt Russell

Cast your vote for who moves on to the sweet 16! As always post a reply here or email me at:

Thank you and enjoy!


Melaina25 said...

-Willis (Team Aniston Forever!)
-Denzel (He is hotter)
-Brad Pitt (Again, hotter)
-Liam Neeson (his wife just died)

Javelin Tiger said...

Shockingly this round almost seems easier than the last.

#1 Bruce Willis
Jolie is bad ass, but Bruce defines it.

#5 Denzel Washington
I got nothing quirky to say, Denzel is simply better

#3 Charles Bronson
Brad and Charlie, this is the hardest match-up of this round in my eyes, I'm voting for Charlie I think he's slightly more bad ass and I think too many people will vote for pitt since he's in their more recent memory.

#2 Kurt Russell
Despite recent developments between the best badass movie out right now and the loss of his wife, may she rest in peace, Liam does not move on for me against Snake Freaking Pliskin, now that's a bad ass name.

monkeetrouble said...

1, 5, 6, 10

Hoopes said...

I definitely thought this round would be more difficult, but made it easy this time...

#1, John McClane can do anything, so he moves on over stupid Angelina...

#5 Denzel, what can I say, the man's on fire!

#6 Pitt, Fight Club, come on...

#2 Captain Ron fo sho!

George Herron said...

Hoopes, I can't believe you went all Captain Ron! Hilarious!

C.J. said...

Willis over Jolie
He took out a helicopter in 2 movies and a 747 in another...all by himself. No contest.

Denzel over Blade
Drinking blood is creepy not bad-ass. Now gunning down a drug rival in broad daylight Gangster style, that's bad-ass.

Charlie over Pitt
"It's like killing roaches - you have to kill 'em all, otherwise what's the use?" Statement of an American Bad-ass.

Russell over Qui-Gon
I have to go with the guy who had a cameo on Gilligian's Island AND Hawaii Five-O.

Skinny Bitch said...

haha, I just read Ryan's reasoning for her picks and I'm about to do the same thing..... (I love that girl!)
#9 - Jolie - Sorry Aniston lovers but Jolie is totally a bad ass
#5 - Denzel is HOT, agree with you there Ryan!
#6 - Pitt, again HOT but only when he isn't hairy - don't like the facial hair or head hair to long and crazy on this guy.
#10 - Neeson, again going to agree with Ryan - his wife just died!! But I do like him other than that too!

Skinny Bitch said...

haha, just saw Hoopes "Captain Ron" comment....LOVE IT!!!

George Herron said...

Too many sympathy votes, this isn't a "Who do you feel more bad for," poll, come on!

Melaina25 said...

This is a democracy not a Georgocracy, I can cast my vote for whatever reason I feel like.

You've seen my reasons from round 1, what makes you think they'd be any different now!

George Herron said...

If it was a Georgocracy, I would not accept votes. But I do, I just find it funny that in a bad ass poll we are voting because the bad ass wife died!

No real issues with it, you of course can vote how you like, that is the point. It is just funny to me!

The Jew said...

1, 5, 6, 2