Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Top Ten Hated Teams in Sports

I was going to hold off on posting a new blog until after NFL free agency was done to grade the Bengals and do do my Draft 2.0 blog, but i was inspired today by another blogger. A friend of mine has decided to join the dark side and start rooting for the Steelers after being a Bengals fan for his whole life. I find the timing odd, since he somehow made it through all of the '90s which was way worse and has decided to support the reigning Super Bowl champs!

But, as I read his blog, I just grew more and more angry as I talked about the Steelers, so I have decided to do a top ten most hated sports teams. I am sure that I will share many with my readers, but I am curious to see what your most hated teams are?!
  1. Steelers. I am an Bengals fan, so there is no team I hate more than those terrible towel waving idiots in Pittsburgh. The only thing I ever found amusing about that team was trying to guess how many pounds of spit accumulated in the corners of Bill Cowher's mouth. Or maybe trying to guess if Ben was effected at all after the crash, he seems just as dumb to me.
  2. Yankees. They are the reason that baseball needs a salary cap. Although, I have to admit to watch them spend more money than God every year and not win is hilarious to me. it is just sad that they pay certain players more than some teams pay their entire team, I know they do it because they can, it just angers me.
  3. Ohio State Football/Basketball. Football is simple, I am a Michigan fan and it has been terrible to watch Tressel own Michigan for the past ten years. Tressel is to Michigan like Willy Wonka is to Umpa Lumpas, he owns them. Basketball is just as simple, it is all about betrayal. Thad Matta used to coach Xavier, my Alma Mater and swore he loved it there and would never leave. Two days after emphatically denying rumors about leaving he bolts for Ohio State, dick move Thad. Not that OSU basketball is a great power house, but I will never forgive Thad for what he did. Once he moves on I will again just not care about OSU basketball. Side note; I hate the fans that call it THE Ohio State University, it is annoying and makes you all sound elitist, to quote my wife, "get over yourselves."
  4. Cowboys. The Dallas variety. Since you saw that the Yankees are #2 on my list you had to know it was just a matter of time before I got to the Yankees of the NFL. Jerry Jones is the ultimate used car salesman, he even smiles like one. For all the big names they bring in every year the have nothing to show for it, and yet every year the talking heads make love to Jerry and his boys and talk about how this is the year they will win it all. Lets face it, until Romo stops holding hands with Jessica (because you know that is all her dad lets her do), and until T.O. (team obliterator) is gone, and until Jerry realizes that he must draft some talent instead of buying everyone else's headaches they will never win. By the way, Emmit Smith was over rated. If Barry Sanders had that offensive line he would have broke every rushing record ever and no one would have know Emmit's name.
  5. Knicks. I hate New York in general and that is mostly where the Knicks fall in. But to help boost their status on the list I always hated Patrick Ewing. I defy you to find an uglier NBA player. And Spike Lee might be the most annoying fan ever, if he was anyone else he would not be allowed in the arena, I wish Reggie Miller would have taken him back to whatever planet he was from.
  6. 49ers. This is the team that TWICE ripped Bengals hearts out in the Super Bowl. Honestly I have no other hate towards them other than that, but Bengals highlights are few and far between and to have them ruined by the same team twice? Unacceptable.
  7. Mets. Again part of the New York factor, but also because I am a Braves fan so I hate the Mets who like all New York team just buy all their talent. I do like how the past two years the Mets have choked and collapsed in the end missing the playoffs!
  8. New Jersey Jets/Giants. Any team that says they are from New York and play all their games in New Jersey are a bunch of liars. If that is not bad enough the Jets helped create all the Brett Farve drama last year, which I am sure I speak for everyone when I say I am sick of it! And again, the New york factor plays into my hatred for both of these teams.
  9. Duke Basketball. Can't really explain it, just hate them. Their coach looks like a rat, maybe that is it?
  10. Broncos. I was a Marino guy, so I rooted against Elway, plus Elway looks pretty ugly. The Broncos invented the chop block, dirtiest move in the NFL. And their ex coach looks like a rat. Maybe there is something to that rat thing?
So there is is my top ten hated sports teams and why. So what is yours?


Skinny Bitch said...

I don't think I can come up with 10 but certainly the Steelers is my #1 most hated sports team. I will say that they have great players and I wish some of them didn't play for the Steelers (George pointed this out to me) but still, they are the "STEELERS" and therefore they are hated by this girl! I really don't like the Browns (Sorry Andy) they are a state rival and well they pretty much have the ugliest uniforms. BROWN??? REALLY??? YUCK!

Melaina25 said...

1) Steelers, enough said.
2) Yankees, enough said.
3) Xavier Basketball, I went to UC and GWU, so I can't like them, even if I took classes there in HS.
4) Glasgow Rangers, if you are a reasonable person you support Celtic, also my husband is a season ticket holder so I have little choice.
5) England, any sport, any team. I live in Scotland, we love to watch the English lose.
6) Browns, I grew up in Cincinnati, enough said.
7) Indians, see above.
8) China, they so lie about their gymnasts age and plus they tell little girls they are too ugly for tv.
9) Chelsea/Arsenal/Man U, just too much money and ego for me.
10) Indian Hill HS, they were our rivals and I'm struggling here at the end.

Not bad for a former cheerleader, huh?

George Herron said...

If you are a former cheerleader than I expect you to step up to the plate. Cheerleaders are very loyal to sports since they had to watch them all the time.

You did quite well, except for the Xavier blast, somehow UC didn't make it into my top ten, that will have to change at some point. They could easily replace Duke or Denver.

Melaina25 said...

I was raised a Bearcat, became a Colonial and graduated a Bearcat...we may suck but I'm loyal to the Red and Black.

MomE said...

1. Dallas
2. OU
3. Kettering/Fairmont

Yeah thats pretty much all I can come up with - tee hee.

George Herron said...

I am always amused that people still carry grudges and rivalries from High School. Maybe since my high school was pretty much horrible in all sports that I never really cared.

In any case, well done MomE.

Melaina25 said...

At our 10 year high school reunion my friend's husband got cornered byt two of our classmates b/c he played basketball for Maderia. Of course I wasn't there, so I guess its hearsay.

My Dad is still nuts about Elder and in HS if I brought home a guy from Xavier, Moeller, etc he told them they went to a "pussy" school.

He was ever so pleased with the one guy I brought home from Elder.

HS allegences last forever...unless you go to Fenwick I guess :)

Cleveland Andy said...

At first, I thought you were going for a consensus most hated 10 teams, but in retrospect, this is much more fun. i love to sling me some mud.

1. Yankees -- Yes, i do hate the Steelers with a passion, but at least I respect the way that they win. It's kind of a hatred of jealousy for many reasons. The Yankees spend all the money, steal other teams best players, ruin competition in MLB, get all the attention, and creep into every city in America with all those stupid colored NY hats that girls seem to love. And Jeter swallows.

2. Michigan Football -- I don't know how anyone that was born and raised within the Ohio border can like Michigan. I can understand not liking OSU, but i can't wrap my brain around rooting for little Blue. It's funny how you think OSU is elitist, because other than Ivy League schools, there is no more elitist school in the country than UM. Quick history lesson -- the "The" in Ohio State goes back to 1878, when the Ohio general assembly renamed the school The Ohio State University. The reason was to identify to others throughout the country that Ohio State was the leading institution in the state in both size and financial support from the legislature. it's part of the name of the school, and the renewed emphasis was started again in the 1980's.
Back to the present - like George, i don't give a crap about Michigan basketball...this hatred follows only football.

3. Steelers - I hate them because they are the Browns biggest rival, but also for reasons already mentioned. They do things the right way, always play hard, hire the right coaches, and draft the right players...and that just pisses me off more.

4. Ravens -- as many of you know, these are the old Browns, stolen from the city because the owner, Modell, wanted the city to build him a new stadium to the tune of $600 million and then deed the property to him, rather than lease it from the city like every other team in America. Fuck him and fuck them. it hurt even more when they won a Superbowl, and even more when i moved here...but this one is strictly personal.

5. Duke -- hard to explain, except to say that they are annoying. I hate that they always seem to get the benefit of the calls (like the Steelers) and Dukie V certainly hasn't helped with his obnoxious slobbering of Coach K.

6. Cincinnati basketball -- a little less now that Huggins (or Thuggins) is gone. The biggest rival of X, who I love, but also known for recruiting criminals and gang bangers. Mick Cronin looks like some kind of insect.

7. Red Sox -- This has only started over that last 10 years, but they have become the Yankees Jr., so i hate them for all of the same reasons, just a little less.

8. USC football -- Aside from handing the Buckeyes their asses (which i thought would happen anyway), i hate that they always seem to have the best players in the country, always lose to a team they shouldn't have lost to, and then continually whine about not being in the championship game when their conference sucks. Pete Carroll is super arrogant too, but deemed a media darling.

9. Florida Marlins -- not just for yanking defeat from my Indians in 1997 in game 7 of the World Series, but because they are a pathetic franchise with almost no fans, yet they have found a way to luck their way into 2 World Series rings. i'll give them credit for drafting, but no other team can claim the same luck for such a shitty franchise overall.

10. Any USSR team in old Nintendo games. Conditioning Americans to hate the Soviet Union even after the Cold War was over...and it worked!!! You always had to play the USSR in the finals and they were always really good. And there were always at least 2 guys names Boris or Pavel.

Honorable mention: Denver Broncos -- they beat the Browns with "the fumble" and "the drive," both of which still make me sick. I just think of the Dawg Pound pelting Elway with milk bones.

Notice of Confusion: take note that i don't have the Bengals or Reds on this list. I don't hate either and I'm confused why some 'nati folk hate them. where does it come from? especially the Reds/Indians. I'm a casual fan of the Reds and like to watch them. The Battle of Ohio means nothing in interleague play, contrived only for marketing. There is no history at all between the Browns/Bengals or Reds/Indians that is worth mentioning. I don't get it.

George Herron said...

Andy, let it be know that neither Cleveland team made my list. I actually like the Indians. The Browns i do not love, but I do not hate them either, I kind of pitty them because they seem to be in a similar cycle that the Bengals are in.

Jeter does swallow.

I sadly respect everything the Steelers do to, why can't their management be here? But even with the respect, I HATE them.

Love the USSR reference. What about any Madden football game before Mike Vick was in prison? he was like having some sort of cheat character.