Thursday, September 25, 2008

All Time Rants.

If anyone knows me I can go on quite a rant when needed, or not needed! If you don't know me, you should I am cool and my rants are generally funny. But in listening to Lance McAllister on 1530 the Homer today, it inspired me to post a blog about some of the all time great rants and or fits of our time. For today marks the 2 year anniversary of Mike Valenti's rant after Michigan State blew a 16 point lead to Notre Dame in the fourth quarter.

So, without further ado here is a list of the top 15 best rants/fits that I could remember.
  1. Bobby Knight - The best of
  2. Dennis Green - Crown their ass
  3. Jim Mora - Playoffs?!
  4. Phill Wellman - Manager loses it
  5. Joe Mikulik - Over reaction
  6. John McLaren - Reaction to Seattle's shitty season
  7. Lou Pinella - Take any
  8. Brett Meyers - Boom outta here
  9. Allen Iverson - What are we talking about, Practice?
  10. Mike Tyson - Dude is crazy
  11. Jim Everet - Tackles Jim Rome
  12. Kevin Borseth - Michigan Basketball Loss
  13. John Cheaney - Threatens a white guy, weird
  14. Mike Gundy - Sticks up for player
  15. Hal McRae - Loses it
My favorite remains Bobby Knight, specifically when he talks about the "game face." I will laugh until I pee myself almost every time I watch it.


C.J. said...

That list is by far one of the best things I have seen on a blog post...EVER. That is the reason that blogs were created to introduce, or in this case to re-introduce things to the masses that deserve to be immortalized. This is like the Kroger of sports rants, 'One-Stop-Shopping' for all that is great about live interviews.

But that having been said you left a WHALE of a rant off the list buddy boy. I don't blame you for missing it, it's angled towards Michigan State & Notre Dame. But how can you leave of Mike Valenti going horse blasting apart everything about his beloved Spartans in 2006!?!

For your listening pleasure, sorry no video, here is the rant in it's entirety. Grab a chair and get comfy, it's a long one.

Part 1

Part 2

For pete's sake he uses the term 'Mon frair' in the first 35 seconds and insults Charlie Weiss!

George Herron said...

I have part one listed in my intro, I did not have part two though. I heard part one on Lance's show that is what inspired this post. But thank you for part two, had not heard that.

shu said...

This is a sweet post. Nice one G. I also appreciate George Brett's blow up in the "Pine Tar Incident," which I believe just celebrated its 25th anniversary. Unfortunately, it is not available on youtube, however you can check out this sweet re-enactment.

George Herron said...

Well done Shu, I almost forgot that one, but it is a classic. Watching him storm out of that dugout like that!