Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fun fact.

I was filling my break at work with some research and came across a fascinating article. On Espn's page 2, Thomas Neuman wrote an article on the rankings of the 32 NFL teams since the 1970 merger of the AFL and the NFL.

The only part of their "scoring system" that I do not like is the crushing defeats. Unless it is losing a key player in a key moment, like when the Bengals lost Palmer in their lone playoff appearance in 20 years, then it should not count. Of course there are plenty of those, but I don't think "The Drive," really effected Cleveland the next year. What happened with Palmer I think continues to effect this franchise, among many other things, but we have not been the same since then really.

But the most interesting part was that the Steelers rank number 2. They are the second best franchise in the NFL since 1970. Sadly I can't say that I disagree. Six Super Bowl appearances and five wins. That should say enough, but let's consider that in that time they have had only two coaching changes in that time as well and only one draft bust.

Now the Bengals in comparison are 24th on the list. They have had 8 coaching changes and 4 draft busts. No one had more draft busts than the Bengals and only a couple had more coaching changes. And funny enough, where does all of this point? Mike Brown.

The Steelers have always been owned by the Rooney's and the Bengals have always been run by the Browns. The difference is that The Rooney's, have been able to continue to dominate as it has been past down. When ownership was passed from Paul to Mike upon Paul's passing a giant, dark cloud of idiocy has followed Mike wherever he has gone.

Please God deliver us from this moron of an owner, I don't normally involve God, but where else can I turn? I would like to see a list 20 years from now where from the year 2000 to 2030 where the Bengals were in the top 15? Maybe too much to ask, but I want to be able to wear my Bengals gear in public again sometime soon.

This link was sent to me today, from my friend Tony, and I had to add it. Enjoy!


Javelin Tiger said...

Let's see, Mike Brown is 71 this year, and with our luck he'll live well into his 90's then figure if we actually have a good owner at that point in time, which is still a crap shoot it will take 5 years to turn things around, so we're looking at 30 years before we can be proud of the Bengals again, hello 2038!

Where's the super bowl being played that year?

George Herron said...

Wow, is that ever depressing!

Javelin Tiger said...

in response to the link, keep in mind this article was written in 2002

So let's see here,

Bruins owner is as of now the worst owner ever, despite it being hockey, he stays...

Art Modell gets dropped, cleveland is happy again after last year and have moved on and he brought baltimore a championship.'s hockey, who cares... he's not bad enough to warrant being on the list as a hockey owner...

Jerry Jones.... I don't care how bad of an owner he is, anyone and everyone would kill to have him over mike brown, at least dallas is in contention ever year...he's behind mike brown, period.

Orioles we'll leave, they do suck

Chicago Bulls, major complaint here was ending a dynasty, let's be honest after jordan left that was bound to end. he get's dropped.

So that puts mike brown at #3 these days. The third worst owner of all time! Don't worry Mike, the way your headed I'm sure you'll make number 1 before your done, I know you want it bad enough!