Friday, September 5, 2008

Quoth the Ravens; Willie's ours.

Willie Anderson is now a Baltimore Raven. How sad. I just have a hard time seeing him in purple and black. It is funny because I am totally apathetic to Rudi Johnson signing in Detroit. hell I say good luck Detroit, you can watch a supposed "bell cow" dance to the line of scrimmage and run into the blocker, not through the hole he is creating for you.

Maybe it is because for this year, and possibly the next three, we will have to see him two times a year. It is like when you break up with a girl in high school, it sucks because you think you are better off without her, but you still have to see her everyday. When she starts dating the popular football player and you aren't seeing anyone you look like a jackass. When Willie shuts out Antwan Odom for sacks and Stacey Andrews gives up one, Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis will look like giant jackasses.

Of course he could have signed in the NFC and it would have been like the ex-girlfriend transferring schools which would have been better, but if Willie ends up in the pro-bowl and Stacey doesn't get locked up after his franchise year then again Mike and Marvin get to look like turd heads. That means we will have to start Anthony Collins at right guard and start all over again in a crucial position on the line. I know the Bengals liked what they saw out of this guy in camps, but would he be ready to start next year? Could he fill Willie's HUGE shoes there? I don't like that many question marks on the offensive line with one of the best quarterbacks in the league in his prime.

Maybe I am just upset because I didn't get the closure that I needed. Break-ups are hard, I either need closure or more time to heal, but to have to see Willie again the first game of the year and then have to see him again in week 13 is just too much. I think I might drunk dial Willie tonight, it is just part of the process. Next week I will burn the pictures!
Dear Mike and Marvin, you had better win this game and the new girlfriend (Stacey Andrews) had better look prefect or you are going to get laughed out of school. I say girlfriend, but it is more like paying a hot prostitute to go go to a dance with you to show up your ex. And just like a prostitute Stacey is going to take the money and run after this season and leave you with nothing good to talk about with your friends, except for "What is that and why does it itch?"


Javelin Tiger said...

Dude, I didn't know Any Name played for the Ravens, when did they pick him up? That's huge!

C.J. said...

Whoa there kiddo...our crucial line position is right guard? Unless Carson is trying to channel Boomer and throw southpaw our crucial position is his blind side which would be left.

That being said I agree there are too many question marks on a O-line that was supposed to have depth this year.

Lets hope no one pulls up lame halfway through the season (fingers crossed).

George Herron said...

I was saying that any position on the line is crucial. You saw what happened after Richie Brahm and Eric Steinbach left, it was/is a mess.

Jesy said...

LOL, love the analogy!