Saturday, September 6, 2008

Movie Review; Tropc Thunder.

Went to the movies last night with the wife and to my surprise she did not mind seeing Tropic Thunder. I will admit that I only went to see this on the recommendation of my brother. I find Ben Stiller very unfunny normally, and the premise of the movie sounded too close to "The Three Amigos." However, my brother and his girlfriend raved about it, so I thought I would give it a try.

Let me start off with the previews, they had a commercial with the Gieco cavemen. Who agrees with me, those guys need to go away....forever. I mean seriously? Did they not realize how insipid and un-humerous they were when they tried to make the T.V. show about them that flat lined faster Bobby Petrino's NFL career. Next they showed something that interested me greatly, a movie that was obviously spoofing that one-sided idiot Micheal Moore, "An American Carol." Of course it is going to be over the top, and Kevin Farley isn't as funny as his brother's shadow, but any movie that make Micheal Moore look like the jackass he is I will support!

Now the movie. The story was as ridiculous as you would think, but it was not so awful that I would want to leave. Ben Stiller was the worst part of the movie, but as I said I have a bias. I will say that this was not his worst performance, however. Jack Black was alright and portrayal of a character jonesin' for a fix was pretty funny, and of course it just escalated throughout the film. I still feel that Jack Black was at his best in "High Fidelity." he needs to find a way to get back to that edgy, pompous humor that I love.

My game balls, however, go to Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Cruise. Kudos to Robert for his HUGE comeback. "Ironman" was great and he was perfect for a white guy acting like a black guy. The stereotypes he hits on are hilarious and his refusal to come out of character even after it is clear that the movie is over is freaking hysterical. We all knew Tom Cruise was funny, just not in an intentional way! He was super funny in this, it almost made me forget that he is really a giant weirdo.

Overall a good watch and worth seeing in the theatre if you wants some good laughs. My wife will tell you that it is one of the funniest movies that she has ever seen, she wanted to go see it again tonight! The last movie I saw her laugh this hard at was "Talladega Nights." Personally I would put it maybe in my top 25 funny movies of all time.

Line of the movie, "You never go full retard."

I give it 3 1/2 prosthetics out of 5. You will get that joke after you see the movie.


Jesy said...

Good review, I hope Rick wants to go see it tonight!!! Another movie that I laughed super hard in was Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Can't wait for that one to come out, hope we don't get it in Blue Ray so I can watch it right away. :) Love you!

George Herron said...

Don't trash the comments board with your blu-ray hate. i will get it on REGULAR DVD just for you. That and so I don't have to hear about it!

RICK said...

Tropic Thunder was all it was promised to be. I really enjoyed the fact that Robert Downey actually played the most versitile role(even in a comedy no lees) i have ever seen come out of Hollywierd. I am a hard core Anti-Tom Cruise. The only respect i can give that man was he played a roll in one of my favorite movies which was TOP GUN! I can't even stand the sight of him nor the sound of his name, so brace your self when i say, some how he actually found a way in this movie to make me laugh my ass off! I think tom cruise said the word fuck as may times as i do in a And if you know me that's alot! I wil add that it has been a long road, but i would like to jump on the "george" band waggon and say i too am getting tired of Ben Stiller "humor". ITs the same thing over and over, just like Eddie Murphy. Funny enough the spoof the Klumps movie with Jack Black playing all the characters. Enough said... GO SEE IT!!!

C.J. said...

You need to drink the kool-aid my friend oh...OH YEAH!

Just let yourself realize that the movie was as great as everyone else thinks it is. I know you want to hate because Zoolander was in it, but come on now. The Departed rocked my sox off and Leo was in there.

You can have a great movie with bad actors sometimes.

George Herron said...

More and more I like Leo....yikes! I JUST said that. Remove him from that crappy remake of Romeo and Juliet and that movie about the ship sinking and I don't think that I would have ever hated him.

Jesy said...

I'm sooo happy I got to see the movie 2 times!! "I love da pussy!!" LOL

C.J. said...


i don't know you anymore