Saturday, September 20, 2008

Douche bag of the week.

Hello all faithful readers, all two of you! Starting a new weekly update, douche bag of the week. Judging by all the douche-baggery that goes on in this world I suspect that it will be a rather easy piece of writing.

The nominees this week are; DeSaun Jackson, Ed Hochuli, and Josh Howard. One is a moron rookie receiver that has not quite learned the art of the end zone celebration. I mean don't you have to score BEFORE you celebrate? The funny part is that this guy is a repeat offender, here and here. You would have thought that he would have learned his lesson the first time. This guy is a rookie, I am sure he will make it back to my D-bag of the week column, he just can't help himself. I look forward to this guy doing more stupid shit!

The second is a referee that cost a division rival a game because of a bad call. Isn't that what instant reply is for? I know it is part the game, but Ref's should never decide the outcome of a game. And not only did he decide the outcome of the game, but it was a very important division rival and might have playoff implications. What happens if the Chargers don't make the playoffs because of their division record? Tim Donaghy is calling he wants to know if you want to hang out and start a casino or something?

And last but not least, is one of many spoiled NBA stars that makes too much money to put a ball in a hoop. He is also the clear cut winner this week. Again a repeat offender, in the sense that this guy can't keep his mouth shut and just has to say something more stupid time after time. But the latest garbage to come out of this mans mouth is really outstanding.
"The Star Spangled Banner’s going on right now and I don’t celebrate that (expletive). I’m black."
Seriously? That is freaking ridiculous. You have got to be a serious bag of douche if you bad mouth the national anthem of the country the over pays you to play a sport. He is black and I am white and he will make more money than I can ever dream of. There are soldiers that defend the right for this moron to say stupid shit like that with their lives. So I guess that allows him to say it, but it makes me sad and angry that he lives such a spoiled life and demands to be such a douche bag.

Congratulations to Josh Howard the weed smoking loud mouth, he is this weeks easy winner of douche bag of the week. Some one had to pick up where Alan Iverson left off.


C.J. said...

Maybe we could round all of them up and put them in their own country...maybe something out West. I don't like skiing so lest wall off Colorado. Wait, that's what we are going to do with all the prisoners when the jails overflow.

Better yet maybe Mr. Howard will have the great idea of creating his own country like another great American tried to, see reference. It worked out well for that guy.

Skinny Bitch said...

Josh Howard is an idiot!!!

Javelin Tiger said...

Lol, nice I love it.

Why are we getting rid of colorado, I like colorado. Let's do idaho or something, seriously have you ever heard of someone saying, "yeah I'm going on vacation to idaho". At least you get that with colorado.

We can make them work the potato fields or something.