Monday, September 8, 2008

Normal to crazy in 2.5 seconds!

So, as I stated in an earlier post Jesy was sooo excited about "Tropic Thunder" that she had to see it again. So tonight was the night. It was to be a normal low key Herron night, with Rick tagging along since his birthday was sometime this month, but I have been sworn to secrecy as to when exactly.

The night started off with Rick and I doing what we do, we messed with Jesy. We made her think that Rick forgot and that he had not picked me up and that I was going to be late for the movie. to her credit after the third call as she was pulling into the theatre she did notice Rick's truck. Surprising coming from the same girl that had no idea that we were throwing her a surprise party with all her friends and family's car outside of the house she parked at!

Any who, we watch the movie and as funny as it was the first time, it was a little better the second time. Kudos still to Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr. Jesy again laughed a few times at decibels that only dolphins could hear or understand, and Rick seemed to really enjoy it.

The real excitement did not start until after the movie, however. As we were doing the typical outside the theatre and dissecting the movie we got to witness an amazing event. We saw a semi truck try to take a turn it had no business making and it took out a stop sign and a huge light pole.

Of course like 3 year olds Rick and I were watching and and jumping up and down like we either had to go to the bathroom or were really excited. Meanwhile Jesy was on the horn to the 5-0. While this was going on the trucker, who might have been drunk, high, or a rookie was backing up and trying again and again. He might have tried this like four times. I give an A for effort and a F- for execution. At one point had he actually kept going he was about to take out yet another light. I can't speak for Rick, but at this point I did pee myself in anticipation! The trucker was now out of the vehicle checking the damage, noticing I am sure that he had mangled a stop sign and taken out a light pole, but that was not going to stop this persistent bastard. He decided to give it another couple tries and then decided to "sneak" out a different way. Little did he know that Jesy was on the phone with the single dumbest dispatcher ever as he drove right past us.

Being the responsible citizens we were, we waited for the police to show up and Jesy filled out her report. We had fun making fun of the dumbass dispatcher with the cop and harassing Jesy some more while she was trying to fill out the report. We of course took pictures with Jesy's cell phone and as we were walking back to the car we were all staring at each other thinking the same thing....lets go see if they got that hit and run biotch!

So of course we all pile in our cars and head up 75 to see if they got him. There is of course no rhyme or reason for it, we were just geeked up like we were 5 and had never seen cops pull some one over before. Starting at Union Centre we had travelled past 129 and had not seen anything yet and was preparing for a major let down. We decided to go to Monroe and if we did not see anything to call it a night. As we were approaching the truck stop we saw the flashing lights and there was an explosion of yelling and laughter like we thought that trucker could hear us or something! "GOTCHA BITCH!"

What a funny night!


Jesy said...

LOL, I am seriously in tears reading this post. What a great depiction of one of the funniest nights in 2008. Seriously happy that we got to see the truck pulled over, that made the event even funnier!!!

Jesy said...

had to leave another comment about the HORRIBLE dispatcher!!!

Thank GOD it wasn’t a real emergency b/c the horrible dispatcher was just straight ridiculous!! I would tell her “the truck is going north on 75” and she was like, “oh, if he is going west on 75 that means he is going south!” I’m like, “ahhh.. NOOOOO, the big white truck that I’m looking at that just ran over the stop sign and took out a freaking light pole just turned right on to NORTH 75!”


Javelin Tiger said...

Sounds like sheer craziness. Would have loved to have seen that! lol!

C.J. said...

and you wonder why I go to Springdale...not only are the 14 year old kids milling around the theater looking like slutty white trash rejects, but apparently they are driving the trucks and dispatching the cops as well.

George Herron said...

Hell, I am going to the Rave everytime now, that was straight entertainment!

Cleveland Andy said...

George, I'm actually a little disappointed in the story. There was a fantastic build-up right to the point where you decided to ride up 75 to see if he got caught(flashback to college). But I was expecting, and rightfully so, that what came next would be a crazy cross country adventure like in "Smokey and the Bandit" or a trucker story for the ages...a tale of commaraderie, despair, and ultimate victory like Kris Kristofferson showed us in "Convoy."

I was expecting and needed to hear about a Chief Wiggum style sherriff and his retarded son, a great chase, and of course some random boob that would make it all worthwhile. Instead what I got was essentially a cock-tease. Good recount...hilarious possibilities...and then "CUT!!...SCENE!!!" I was crushed...of course, I'm still hanging on to the possibility of Part II. Maybe I expect too much.

I just have one final question for you. Were you able to positively identify the driver as either Evan Terhar or Nick Bahm? If yes, that would make up for the whole thing.

George Herron said...

Bahm possibly, if he got anerexcic in the last few years. Of course this is possible considering that he can't have too great of a job and might or might not be living under I-71 currently.

Anonymous said...

Bahm possibly, if he got anerexcic in the last few years. Of course this is possible considering that he can't have too great of a job and might or might not be living under I-71 currently....

appreciate the kind words dude.
I'm a United States Sailor stationed in Norfolk Virginia.
not a bum living under a bridge. What are you doing with your life?