Friday, September 19, 2008

Garbage update

We suffered another minor defeat this past Thursday with out garbage men. There were several random pieces of wood and toe strip from the house renovation. I would say that it is too heavy, but Carson and Housh (dogs) managed to drag pieces all over the yard, so can it really be that bad?

The worst part is that I think our garbage men have an new ally in the war, the city of Sharonville. We used to have all this wood piled against the house to use for fires at night in the spring and fall, but last week we got a letter from Sharonville saying we were in violation of some obscure code written 200 years ago and buried in the City ordinance.

It is my assumption that the some one at Rumpke tripped over my blog and was looking for anything that they could exact their revenge on me. They found this law, after what I imagine to be countless hours of reading, just to spite me. Then they anonymously tipped the city of Sharonville, who would be more than happy to fine my ass to this violation and now they are in cahoots.

So the war wages on Hitler(Rumpke) and Tojo(city of Sharonville) vs. Eisenhower(Jesy) and Patton(me). A showdown of epic proportions. By the way, all the wood is still out there by the curb, and it will remain there for at least a week. After said week I will be delivering it to Rumpke myself. i will just take it there and leave it by their sign on 27.

Take that Rumpke.

I was very excited that I could use the word cahoots in the blog post!


Javelin Tiger said...

lmao, classic as always!

Skinny Bitch said...

I should write a letter to Sharonville and make up a stupid code about their stupid code making us throw the wood out. When they yell at us to throw it out the least then can do is come and get it!!! Our yard looks so junkie b/c of them and I'm going to have to keep it that way b/c I am winning this battle!!